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How To Become A Production Assistant
How To Become A Production Assistant – 3 Proven Strategies
If you don’t already have friends that are working in the industry, figuring out how to become a production assistant
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production assistant resume
The Ultimate Production Assistant Resume Guide
I’ve gotten many production assistant jobs without ever needing to interview or present a resume. If you know the right
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How long does it take to film a movie
How Long Does It Take To Film A Movie?
Maybe you just saw the most recent installment of The Avengers. Or perhaps you’re wondering why you have to wait
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9 unexpected things i got really good at while working as a production assistant
9 Unexpected Things I Got Really Good At While Working As A Production Assistant
Pretty much any film industry position is almost guaranteed to completely consume your life. As the first in and the
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what is a best boy
What is a Best Boy Grip or Best Boy Electric?
Maybe you read the term “Best Boy” in the credits of a film and you were curious because it sounded
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how much does a production assistant get paid
How Much Does a Production Assistant Get Paid?
You’ve jumped off the roof of your film school and are ready to plunge headfirst into the concrete sidewalk that
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is it okay to sit down as a production assistant
Is It Okay To Sit Down As A Production Assistant?
One of the most fundamental rules when you’re a Production Assistant is that you are never allowed to sit down.
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production assistant training
How to Get the Best Production Assistant Training
So you’re fresh out of film school and you’re trying to break into the industry. Perhaps your friends have made
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