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Film Industry Guides

How To Become A Production Assistant
How To Become A Production Assistant – 3 Proven Strategies
If you don’t already have friends that are working in the industry, figuring out how to become a production assistant
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production assistant resume
The Ultimate Production Assistant Resume Guide
I’ve gotten many production assistant jobs without ever needing to interview or present a resume. If you know the right
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How long does it take to film a movie
How Long Does It Take To Film A Movie?
Maybe you just saw the most recent installment of The Avengers. Or perhaps you’re wondering why you have to wait
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9 unexpected things i got really good at while working as a production assistant
9 Unexpected Things I Got Really Good At While Working As A Production Assistant
Pretty much any film industry position is almost guaranteed to completely consume your life. As the first in and the
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what is a best boy
What is a Best Boy Grip or Best Boy Electric?
Maybe you read the term “Best Boy” in the credits of a film and you were curious because it sounded
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how much does a production assistant get paid
How Much Does a Production Assistant Get Paid?
You’ve jumped off the roof of your film school and are ready to plunge headfirst into the concrete sidewalk that
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is it okay to sit down as a production assistant
Is It Okay To Sit Down As A Production Assistant?
One of the most fundamental rules when you’re a Production Assistant is that you are never allowed to sit down.
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production assistant training
How to Get the Best Production Assistant Training
So you’re fresh out of film school and you’re trying to break into the industry. Perhaps your friends have made
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Film Equipment Guides

Best Capture Card For Streaming
Best Capture Card For Streaming – Top 5 (Updated 2018)
There are many pieces of equipment you’ll need to look into getting if you’re interested in becoming a streamer. From
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best softbox lighting kit
Best Softbox Lighting Kit – Top 5 Buyer’s Guide
If you’re starting a YouTube channel, improving your photography studio, or just looking to expand your film arsenal, the Softbox
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best wireless lavalier microphone
Best Wireless Lavalier Microphone – Top 5 Buyer’s Guide
Wireless lavalier microphone systems are an invaluable tool in any filmmaking arsenal. They are often times the best tool for
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Monopod Vs Tripod
Monopod Vs Tripod – Picking Your Stabilization
If you know a thing or two about filmmaking or photography, you understand that Monopods and Tripods are difficult to
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best headset for streaming
Best Headset for Streaming – Top 5 Buyer’s Guide
If you’re thinking about becoming a Twitch streamer you need to make sure you have the right tools for the
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production assistant gear
Essential Production Assistant Gear To Crush Your First Job
So you’re getting ready for a job as a Production Assistant. Hopefully you’ve done your research, learned set etiquette, and
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manfrotto monopods
Manfrotto Monopod Review – An In-Depth look At High End Monopods
Monopods are often considered a cheap, lightweight alternative to tripods. Perfect for run-and-gun shooting, they compromise stability for efficiency, and
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Best Microphone for streaming
The Best Microphone For Streaming – USB Desktop Microphone Guide
If you’ve been looking at getting into live streaming, it’s important to have the proper hardware for the job. Nobody
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ring light vs softbox light
Ring Light Vs Softbox Light – Which is Better for Your Videos?
We’re going to be comparing Ring Lights vs Softbox lights to see which better suits your video productions needs. The ring
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best boom pole
Best Boom Pole – Top 5 Cheap Boom Mic Pole Buyer’s Guide
If you’re interested into becoming a sound guy, or are just interested in expanding your equipment arsenal, remember, almost every
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where to buy gaffers tape
Where to Buy Gaffers Tape – Top 3 Best Gaffers Tape Brands
So you’ve learned everything there is to know about Gaffer’s Tape, now all you have to do is get some.
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best ring light for youtube video
Top 5 Best Ring Lights for YouTube Video Production
If you’re starting a new YouTube channel or looking to bump up the production value of an existing one, one
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what is gaffers tape used for
What is Gaffer’s Tape Used For? – A Definitive Guide
There exists a tool critical to the film industry which is used every single day across every single department, and
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Product Reviews

Columbia Pouration Jacket Review
Columbia Pouration Jacket Review – Best Waterproof Jacket For Film
Working in the film industry often means you’re going to get exposed to the elements at one point or another.
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timberland white ledge mens waterproof boot
Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot Review – Film Industry Boots
If you’re planning on working in the Film Industry, regardless of your department, it’s essential that you have a pair
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ahnu sugarpine waterproof womens hiking boot
Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Women’s Hiking Boot – Film Industry Boots
If you’re planning on working in the Film Industry, regardless of your department, it’s essential that you have a pair
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